Say 'No' to Plastic Bags in Style

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Thank you for stopping by DEED bags.

My thanks to all the wonderful ladies who have chosen to change the world for the better these past four and a half years with a hand made DEED bag - it's perfectly possible to be planet-friendly AND stylish!

2020 and 2021 have been very challenging years for everyone. I'm eternally grateful to have been very busy in my studio during this unsettling time - it's true to say that 'busy hands bring a calm mind' :)

My gratitude too, for the continued generosity of our wonderful DEED bags community in our Instagram 'Wear Your Heart on Your Bag' Charity Bag auctions, where 100% of the winning bids are donated to the children's education charity Ardoch.

To keep up-to-date with all the latest news, please do keep following DEED bags on Instagram and Facebook .

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2022.



DEEDS not Words

DEED bags (Est. Nov 2017)  is a small boutique atelier of bespoke tote bags with a big heart, based in Melbourne, Australia. 

All DEED bags are designed and handmade by founder Emma Bowd, using natural fibre fabrics; plus upcylced, vintage and premium interior design fabrics which have been sourced as factory deadstock, off-cuts and end-of-runs, saving them from landfill.

As a planet-friendly DEED bag owner, you're not only helping to end the era of single-use plastic bags, but you're also helping to raise awareness and funds for the education charity, Ardoch, which supports children and young people in disadvantaged Australian communities.

Emma is a 'Literacy Ambassador' and 'Writer in Residence' for Ardoch, and passionately believes that education is the key to being an informed and engaged citizen. 

DEED bags is proud to donate $1 to Ardoch from every bag (and other handmade products, such as facemasks and accessories) sold, PLUS 100% of four social media Charity Bag Auctions throughout the year. To date, Emma and her DEED bags have donated $6,000 to Ardoch, in addition to donating DEED bags to many other charity fundraising functions.


I absolutely love my bags.

They have just the right amount of slouch and I adore all the beautiful detailing - the tape, the pompoms and printed ribbon.

It's not often you find something that looks great, is a joy to use (light, capacious, sturdy, folds down flat, has super useful pockets, can be washed), is ethically made AND does some good in the world by raising money for an education charity. Emma I salute you!

Annabel (London, UK)

The DEED bag is so much more than a reusable non-plastic bag. After hours of shopping in Bali it was my go-to bag!

One pocket had easy access to my water and the other had my wallet, with a smaller pocket to secure my key card to my room. Whilst having plenty of space for all my shopping!

Once unloaded back at the room, I used my DEED bag for my book, towel, sunnies, water and anything else I wanted to take poolside. 

Love love love my DEED bag!

Thank you!!! X

Penni (Melbourne, Australia)

I know a good thing when I see it...and I am head over heels obsessed by this bag! I love it and it goes everywhere with me. Love your style @deedbags

Sarah (Melbourne, Australia)

This stylish handmade bag is good for the environment, great for City shopping and I wouldn't be without it even on the highest mountains.

When we arrived in Val D'Isere I used my beautiful and stylish bag (not a plastic bag from the supermarket) and I couldn't believe how much it holds - and the bottle sections stop smaller things being crushed! It's so excellent! I love it ❤️❤️

No matter what road you travel get the deed done and Mother earth 🌏 will be smiling 😊🐝 on you!

Thanks Emma Bowd, 
Designer & Director

Katrina (Victoria, Australia)

Wow it is a beautifully handcrafted classy bag.

Emma has created a wonderful product, which makes me very happy, not only because it is handcrafted, but also because it assists Ardoch.

I love the simple but elegant bee logo and font. I also really love the small pockets on each end, inside the bag, plus the fabulous ties to tie across the top, preventing my books from escaping. Thankyou!!!!

Andrea (South Australia)

I love my #deedbags so very much.

It is so versatile. I can fit all my "adulting" stuff and all my crocheting fabulous too! #winning

Thanks for making such an awesome bag!

Jules @sewmuchyarn (Western Australia)

My DEED bag is just gorgeous.

I have to congratulate you on a superb product, colourful, practical and beautifully crafted....French seams, to die for pompoms!

I wish you every success, congrats. xx

Margot (Victoria, Australia)

I bought a DEED bag. Created and sewn in Melbourne. Supporting child literacy.

Amazing features - inside pockets plus a lipstick pocket (like Coco Chanel!!!). And cute as a button. Love the gift wrap and ribbons too.

I love it sooooo much.

Catherine @catherinegreersydney (New South Wales, Australia)


say 'no' to plastic bags in style


practically perfect carryall


deeds not words